Gone With The Wind

Gone With The Wind

Stopped by Stewart’s Photo, Anchorage’s oldest camera store today, for my weekly browse. Sad, but each year brings less and less in the way of film photography, equipment, film, and processing supplies. What used to comprise over half the space in the store only 10 years ago, now barely fills this tucked away little cubbyhole.

Used film cameras can still be had, though not nearly as abundantly as before and often at outrageous prices, films are few and far between, and chemicals for development and printing have all but disappeared from the shelves never to be seen again (in part because manufacturers are refusing to stock here without tacking on heavy shipping and hazardous material handling costs).

Still, I wander in every now and again in the hopes of finding a bargain or two, perhaps a vintage camera someone has parted with or maybe even some expired films. Thank goodness the major photography chains in the lower 48 like B&H, Freestyle Photo, Adorama, etc., continue to provide everything we need to continue our craft and ensure the legacy of film photography lives on for the next generation to enjoy.


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