X-Ray Film

X-Ray Film

Think x-ray films are only for the doctor and dentist offices? Think again. X-ray films are becoming used more and more by photographers using large and ultra-large format cameras, mainly because of its price (about 30 cents a sheet compared to $8.00 a sheet for 8×10 cut films).

X-ray films are either blue or green sensitized which allows you to load and develop sheets under a low-watt red lamp. X-ray films have rounded corners and do not have notches like ordinary films, and there’s no need to since they have emulsion on both sides.

The downside, you must be very careful when processing as x-ray film is highly susceptible to scratches because of the double-sided emulsion. Tray processing is the best way to process, but do make sure to take two images as one is bound to get scratched. You can also spot smaller scratches.

I processed my first 8×10 x-ray negatives today, which came out fairly well, although I do notice a few small scratches. With practice though, this process can be mastered. So if you’re looking to photograph using larger format equipment, but are afraid of the high film prices (especially for practice), try some x-ray film until you get proficient with your particular camera.


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