The Last Camera I’ll Ever Need – Or Not

The Last Camera I'll Ever Need - Or Not

For as much as I procrastinated today,  I just couldn’t pass up on this deal.  So welcome the newest member of the family, a Century Master 8×10 Camera and Studio Stand, made by Folmer Graflex in Rochester, New York, Circa around 1940.

The combo, which has been stored in an older gentleman’s workshop for nearly 20 years is in great shape.  The wood is in near perfect condition, the bellows still pliable and light tight, and all controls and gears work great.

The plan:  A studio 8×10 for normal photography, incorporate a wet plate back for collodion (alternative processes), and use as an enlarger to make those huge 30×40 prints I’ve always dreamed about.

Since it didn’t come with a lens, I removed the internal shutter and installed my 14 inch 6.3 Kodak Commercial Ektar.  Just need to finish cleaning up and lube a few spots and it’ll be ready for its trial debut.

Needless to say, this one won’t be going on any road trips, and it also takes up one of the car spaces in my garage, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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