Mr. Lincoln’s Camera Man


Ever marvel at those vintage photographs from the 1800s and wonder what it was like to be a photographer in that era?

Photographers of those days would carry massive amounts of equipment and supplies with them on location,  and process their images on-site,  sometimes under extreme duress.  Not a craft for the faint of heart.


Of those  photographers, one of the best known is probably Matthew B. Brady,  who not only captured portraits of some of the most notable people of the time,  such as John Tyler, Brigham Young, Egdar Allen Poe,  and of course,  Abraham Lincoln,  but also made some of the most provocative  images of the time,  being one of the first to capture to realities and horror of war.


The book,  “Mr. Lincoln’s Camera Man, Matthew B. Brady,”   tells of Brady’s exploits during this era,  contains over 350 photographs, some never before published,  and is a great read for not only photography,  but Civil War buffs as well.


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