Super Film – Fujifilm Neopan 100 Acros


If I had only one film to use,  Fujifilm’s Neopan 100 Acros would be it.   Available in 35mm,  120,  and 4×5 formats,  this orthopanchromatic film is super sharp with fine grain and a richness that really make images pop.

Talkeetna Mountains

So, what else makes it so special you ask?   Simply put,  the reciprocity factor is unbelievable.   Requiring no exposure compensation for up to two minutes,  and only +1/2 for reciprocity for up to 16 1/2 minutes,  this film is perfect for low light and night photography.

Used at box speed,  it rivals Ilford’s Pan F 50 in image quality and smokes it in reciprocity.   So if you’re looking for that great all around landscape,  portrait,  or nearly any other type photography film,  you won’t be disappointed with Acros.


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