“Turnagain Arm”


Located in the northwestern part of the Gulf of Alaska, a stones throw from Anchorage, the 40-mile Turnagain Arm is known for its extreme high tides, with bore tides that rise to six feet at a speed of five mph or so, the second highest in North America. Surfers and kayakers take to tides, but take care not to get stuck in the unforgiving mud flats, which have claimed several lives over the years.

Claims on the region’s gold placer and quartz lodes began in the Arm’s basin in the 1890s, with prospectors still venturing today. Across the Arm lie rugged mountains reaching as high as 6,000 feet with low lying timbers, narrow and steep valleys, and several visible glaciers.

Cambo SCX 4×5, 150mm Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar lens, f32-1/15th sec, Polarizing and ND Grad 4 filters, Arista EDU Ultra 200, D76 1:1.


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