“The Butte”


Making my way up the hill to the Lazy Mountain Trailhead today for the first time in a few years, I could see right in front of me all of the images I wanted to make.  As I neared the end of the road, the long driveway rising another 200 feet or so, and leading to those images, was posted private drive (something it’s wise to adhere to here), so I took a right instead toward the trailhead.

The views from the trailhead parking lot are not great, but today the fog had lifted and the sun struggled to peak through the clouds leaving a wonderful diffused light.  In the distance I could see “The Butte” with the Chugach Mountains towering over it in the background.  So I thought I’d try and get a decent photograph from here.

As I began to setup, an older gentlemen clad in blue jeans and a plaid jacket came down the trail with his dogs.  He began picking up trash left behind by visiting vagrants, and on his way back from the dumpster, stopped, looked at my camera, and said, “I haven’t seen one of those in years.”

I shot two sheets as we chatted, and showed him some contact prints I had with me.  He looked that them, smiled and said, “You know, you’ll get better pictures of The Butte from my house,” and he pointed straight up to the posted drive.  “You’re more than welcome to come up anytime, you’ll be a lot higher and can see the entire valley from up there,” he said.  What are the odds.

As I packed up, he started looking into the willow trees and said  “Got to find a walking stick now, I’m a wood carver, I’ll show them to you one day when you come up.”  So, we shook hands, I gave him a business card, and we parted ways, for now.  Can’t wait until next weekend, may even take him some willow, and some extra holders.

Nagaoka Wood Field 4×5, 210mm Caltar II-N, f45-1/8 sec, ND Grad 6 filter, Arista EDU Ultra 200,  D76 1:1.


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